Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 37: IL, IN, OH, MI

And we're coming down the home stretch...

Yes folks, what has been a very fun and interesting trip is now winding its way down. We left Chicago, drove through Indiana, Ohio and into Michigan jumping back into the Eastern Time Zone. In 4 full days, we will be home.

Our arrival in Detroit tonight means that we are in our last American stop. We have so far visited 26 States and the District of Columbia.

So what did we do and see today? As with most "on the road" days not as much as we'd normally see. But as always, there are still things of note. Bizzare billboards (such as the 80 fireworks ads in 1 mile or the "Butt Hutt") were the norm as usual.

We were able to rescue a turtle who was trying to cross the busy highway.

The picture doesn't necessarily do justice to the fact that this turtle was about 2 feet long. After we escorted him off the busy roadway he thanked me by nearly biting my hand off.

Before too long we were into Michigan and headed towards Detroit.

So that's it! We're here in our last destination with a lot planned for the next few days. Tomorrow we tackle the day!