Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 11: VA, NC and SC

Speeding 78mph in a posted 60mph zone
It was only a matter of time :-)

78 in a 60 - that's what the ticket would have read. Thankfully, South Carolina State Trooper Phillips decided to let Dave off with a warning tonight. Apparently if a ticket had been issued, Dave would have had to post bond of over $100 or go to jail and appear before the Judge tomorrow morning! Here's a question, can any of you tell what is written in the "race/ethnicity" section of this citation? Is that an "O" or a "U"? Suggestions are welcome as to what it means :)

The day was otherwise fairly relaxed. As we entered the Carolinas we really started to notice the accents get thicker, the country music stations seemed to multiply and "yall" tends to be a mandatory part of all sentences.

We did some shopping outside of Raleigh, North Carolina at the Chelsea Premium Outlets. Finally, I got some good shopping done. I bought a beautiful Coach purse and a bunch of other goodies.

We left Virginia Beach with a plan to stay in Raleigh, but after some discussion, we decided to drive right through to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We'll be here for a few days.

Tomorrow will be all about sun, sand and sleep (and maybe a little shopping) ("and hopefully no shopping", says Dave).


Our route today


  1. The race/ethnicity was the first thing that jumped out at me too, I read on hoping I would find the answer... :(

    Let us know if you figure it out!
    How Bizarre?

  2. The best answer I got was "O" for "off-white"

  3. Maybe it's a "U" for "Unknown??? ;-)

  4. Or "O" for other... another one I got was "O" for Ovaltine

  5. They also spelled your name wrong - hello technicality! I think it's O for other - my husband thinks it's U for unknown...