Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 31: St-Louis

Today was just destined to be one of those lazy days. We woke up late and just never really got going for the day. Part of having a vacation is having days like these.

From our hotel room we could see people marching like ants to Busch Stadium for the afternoon game between the St-Louis Cardinals and the Cincinnati Reds.

From our room, we were able to see part of the game going on. With the radio broadcast it was a relaxing way of enjoying the afternoon.

Of course, tomorrow, we will be going to Busch Stadium for the real thing as Cincinnati and St-Louis (both close contenders for the
Central Division of the National League).

Hopefully the bad weather which interrupted this afternoon's game, will not show up tomorrow.

After a lazy afternoon of watching baseball and ordering room service, we decided to take a drive around the city just to see what's happening.

Aside from the beautiful architecture, saw some of the interesting people - like this guy having a conversation with the garbage can in front of him.

That's all for now!

PS) This blog post was brought to you by EZ Cracker - a product that could only be advertised in the United States.