Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 14: Myrtle Beach

After 2 fairly lazy days, Tamara and I decided to go out and explore. Our day took us first to the Brookgreen Gardens. This would be a 9200 acre nature preserve where we could see animals in their natural habitat. Not exactly my thing, but still something I could appreciate as you can see from the picture above.

Here are some of the interesting things we saw:

After leaving Brookgreen, we decided to be a little more, uh, southern; we went to the NASCAR go-kart track. I proudly defended Canadian pride by winning all 4 of my races against some of the tough local opponents.

Tam did a few races too, but sat on the side for my last race and took some pictures. She also got to listen to the local favorites on the radio.

"Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey. Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky."

Between NASCAR, the country music, and the "elect Strom Thurmond" bumper sticker we saw on the way back from the track (Thurmond passed away in 2003 :-)), we were really starting to feel like we fit in.

So to mix it up a bit, we went to Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. If you're a meat eater like Tam and I, you would LOVE this place. Aside from an all you can eat salad bar which includes fresh slabs of salmon sashimi, boiled quail eggs and a dozen cheeses, the main course consists of 16 waiters, each equipped with a different meat on a skewer who circulate around the room providing meat on demand.

At the table, you are given a coaster which is red on one side and green on the other. As soon as we want meat, we flip the coaster to green and we are approached by the various waiters who slice meat on to our plate according to our preferences.

We are on the road again tomorrow where we'll push even further south.


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  1. A+ to quoting country lyrics! :)

    Hope you enjoy your golfing today!