Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2: Boston

We had a busy first day in Boston! It started off with a note being slipped under the door advising us that a water main had broken and all the tap water in Boston was undrinkable; a boil water/state of emergency was declared!

We walked through Boston Public Garden and walked The Freedom Trail. Boston truly is a gorgeous city! We walked and walked and walked some more. We had a great lunch of oysters and mussels at a restaurant near Feneuil Hall.

Once we got too hot (it hit about 31C today!) we went shopping at Filene's Basement. Believe it or not, but I didn't buy a thing! Dave bought a bunch of really nice stuff; ties, pants, belts, etc.

For dinner, we went for seafood again at a restaurant close to the hotel (Legal Seafood). Dave had oysters again ;). And we both got carded for a second time when we ordered alcohol; Boston is great for our self esteem ;)

And now we're back at the hotel, about to watch The Apprentice (for those who watch, Dave predicts Summer's getting fired)

Miss you all!

Tamara (and Dave)

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