Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 30: St-Louis

After a long drive from Memphis (about 4.5 hours!) we got to St. Louis. As soon as we approched the city, you could see the famous Gateway Arch at 630 feet tall!

When we got to out room, we were amazed by the incredible view of Busch Stadium. We almost don't need tickets to Tuesday's game ;)

Before we started our trip, Dave and I agreed that we were going to surprise each other at some points of the trip in celebration of our first anniversary. As you know, my surprise came a few days earlier in New Orleans, but today was Dave's turn.

He didn't give me a single hint of what it was and, let me tell you, I came up with several very wrong ideas. I was pleasantly surprised when we walked up to Soldier's Memorial Park and I saw a big sign saying "Rib America Festival" with several famous headliners such as Bret Michaels (who played Saturday night), Everclear, Collective Soul and Blue Oyster Cult (who plays Monday night). Rib Fest is what Dave describes as if Edgefest and Bofinger had a child.

As we got there early, we walked around the grounds and sampled many of the festival's delicacies such as footlong Beef Franks, Brisket "Samiches" and fresh squeezed lemonade.

We then made our way to our seats to enjoy the shows. Here are a few excerpts of Everclear and Collective Soul respectively:

Collective Soul played a great show! To our delight, we stayed backstage after the show and waited to meet the band. Here we are with Ed Roland, the lead singer of Collective Soul (Dave's favourite band)

I have an amazing husband and we had an incredible night!

Thanks Dave!



  1. Collective Soul...Sooo 90's! Hahaha! -Elyse :P

  2. Don't be dissin' the best band of all time